Who can stop the Lord Almighty?


One thing that is hard to comprehend is the size and reach of God. It’s easy to understand it as ‘head knowledge.’ I understand that He is bigger and stronger than anything else, but sometimes, amid more difficult things, it is hard to fully believe that. When something in my life happens that, at the time, seems like the end of the world, I do have a difficult time feeling like God will be there for me.

As I have grown up, I have noticed that very often, I can have two completely different views on a subject or situation depending on the mood I am in, and this can reach across to any part of my life. A simple example of this is the kind of music I want to listen to. I have a few different playlists for the different moods I will be in, but I find that at times, I can’t stand the music in one of my playlists, and so I listen to a different one. At a different time, though, it may be the opposite. When want to listen to quieter music, all the louder music that I like will be grating and irritating, and then I do want to listen to louder music, I find all the quiet music that I like boring and dragging. It has always interested me how different I can feel about things from time to time.

This extends to more substantial things too. There are times where I am super motivated to get things done, and other times where I don’t want to do anything but lay around. I have also noticed that I am tempted to feel the same way with God. There are times when I don’t get easily distressed by things, I have easy reassurance that God will be with me through whatever trial I happen to be going through. There are other times though, where my initial temptation is to think the complete opposite. These times, I feel very helpless. I don’t feel the presence of God, I don’t think positively about the future, and I feel like whatever situation I am in will not end. It is in these times that I need to remind myself of the power of our great God.

We may, and probably will, go through many trails in our lives. Sometimes we can feel God close during these times, and sometimes we don’t, but especially when we don’t, we need to remember that God will be with us the whole time. Who can stop the Lord Almighty? Nobody.

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