White as Snow


For the last week or so, I have been thinking a lot about this song.

It talks about the cleansing powers of Jesus in your life, even when you mess up, even when you don’t feel like you deserve forgiveness for the things you have done, and more.

It is a weird concept, but I have found time and time again in my life where I find there truly is a difference between believing something in your mind, even if you do believe it with all your mind, and actually trusting in that belief enough to actually turn your life over to that belief.

In the case brought up by this song, you can completely believe in your mind that you are forgiven for all your sins because of the saving power of Jesus, but at the same time, still be too hard on yourself, especially about sins way in the past that you are forgiven for, but may not have forgiven yourself for yet.

This whole concept is so weird and confusing, and I have given it tons of thought recently, which may be why when hearing this song recently, this is the point that sticks out to me. I have recently talked with a few friends about this very concept, but in a slightly different contexts.

One such context has been with fears of the future. Coming up on graduation in December means that there are tons of changes coming my way. I am going to have to find a real job, find a roommate and a place to live, and other huge changes are going to happen too. And even though I do believe that God does take care of us and that He does work all out for our good, I have been so scared at even the thought of these changes coming. I realized this weird concept when trying to explain these fears to a friend, and couldn’t com up with a rational reason to be scared because of these beliefs that God is with us and works all things out for our good. And in a weird way, realizing that my fears couldn’t be rationalized did give me comfort because it showed me that there wasn’t as much to be scared of as I had been feeling before. Of course the fear is still there, but a lot less so.

In the same way, this song caused me to think in a similar way about my sin. We are all flawed humans, and we all sin a lot, Personally, I have always had trouble letting go of past sins. Even though I know I am forgiven by God, and even sometimes forgiven by people my sins have affected. I have always had trouble letting go of them myself and continue to dwell on them far into the future. My recent thinking has helped tremendously in the same way as before. Realizing that I am dwelling on something that I am forgiven for has shown me that I don’t need to dwell like I tend to do. And of course it is always good to learn from your mistakes, but dwelling on them for too long stops being helpful and can start to be harmful.

But I can see repentance in your eyes
and I know its not too late.
I hear Him calling your name

White as Snow
He has made you
White as Snow
The moment you confessed
His heart forgave

The song also talks about the very thing that I do when I do dwell on things. It’s really hard when you do dwell to feel like there are “unforgivable sins” or that you have messed up so much that you somehow have ruined Jesus’ forgiveness. The last week while thinking about this, that part of this song has been a huge encouragement.

You might think you’ve ruined
all the plans He had for you
But it’s for that very reason Jesus saves

Anyways, that is what has been on my mind recently.

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