I took the Myers-Briggs test some time last year and hadn’t looked much into what it meant after I got my result, but this past week, we did some team-building and other activities at work with all my coworkers to get a better idea how to work with each other and to solidify our company’s ideas and culture. I was interested to see if I would get the same result as last time, because I know some of my personality traits shifted between high school and the last time I took the test. The last time I took the test, I got ISFJ as my result. I took the test again for work, and when I tallied up my scores, I got ISFJ again!

We looked at some documentation created by someone who has done lots of analysis of the different personality profiles. ISFJ is classified as “The Nurturer.” The documentation included a 10-page description of traits, strengths, weaknesses, and other things for people who fall into that category. I read through it, and even though of course it won’t be perfect, it had some very interesting things that I did feel described me very well.

One trait that was talked about was having a good memory when it comes to things or people that mean a lot to them, and that it isn’t uncommon for ISFJ’s to remember specific facial expressions or conversation details years later. I have had it happen very often where I bring up a conversation that I had with somebody years later and they have no memory of the conversation, while I can remember exact words from that conversation.

One of the biggest similarities between me and the ISFJ description was the importance of close personal relationships. It talks about ISFJ’s putting very high value on that compared to other things. They care about what other people are feeling and want to make others feel good. This, to me, is one of the most important things in my life. I love close friends and I want them to like being friends with me. Especially since I expect to be single throughout my life, I think it is a blessing that I do seek out those sorts of close friendships.

Anyways, I just thought it was interesting how much I identified with what was said. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising because when I took the test, all my results were very definite. I would encourage anyone reading this to go take a Myers Briggs test and read up on your results to see how close you resemble the descriptions given. The test and descriptions we were given at work came from here.

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