At The Cross



A few weeks ago, I was just finished with some work, and I was reading a book before I went to bed. While reading, I am not used to complete silence, so I decided to look for something to put on in the background while I read. I had found this YouTube channel before that had instrumental versions of worship songs, so I thought that would be a good option. I clicked on one that I knew and when they would finish, I would click on one of the other ones in the sidebar that I knew. But after a while of doing this, one of the songs ended, and I didn’t recognize any of the titles in the sidebar, so I just clicked on one of them randomly, and that one happened to be “At The Cross” by Hillsong.

I tried to go back to reading, but I found my eyes drifting to the video that was showing the lyrics that went with the instrumental music. I started reading them, and I really liked the lyrics. All that was playing was the instrumental, so I had no idea how the melody went, but I found myself making up a melody that went with the music that was playing, and I did that for the rest of the song.

After that, I decided to put the full song on so that I could hear the actual melodies, and ever since, this has been one of my favorite worship songs.


Even when I fail You

I know You love me


This song shows total surrender to God. We understand that we will fail, and that God’s unconditional love will go through any failure we have.


In every season

I know You love me

I know You love me


Even if we have more than one failure. When we have bad seasons, and mess up a lot, when we are in good seasons and feel like we don’t need God, we know that God still loves us.


At the cross I bow my knee

Where Your blood was shed for me

There’s no greater love than this


It is just total surrender. Jesus is the only reason we have any hope. And it is true, there is NO greater hope than Him.


Anyways, I just thought I would share this song with you all 🙂

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