Top Games of 2017

So, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I decided I wanted to do something different. 2017 was an incredible year for video games, and I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite games that I played this year. This year was the debut and incredible first year of the Nintendo Switch, so expect a few games for that platform. #5:  Metroid: Samus Returns – Nintendo 3DS I am newer to […]

Side B

  There are many different opinions on the subject of homosexuality. In secular circles (at least in the USA), there seems to be a consistent viewpoint, but that is not the case for Christian circles. At a high level, there are those Christians who believe that the Bible is clear that same-sex sexual activity is sinful, and those who believe that verses in the Bible that condemn same-sex sexual activity are either mis-translated, taken out […]


  I didn’t know what real loss felt like. I had lost grandparents and great-grandparents before, but even though I did love them very much, they were not people who I would see or talk to daily, so even though it was difficult, I had no idea and was totally unprepared for what it was like to lose someone even closer. I lost my dad on the first of January this year. At the time […]

Who can stop the Lord Almighty?

  One thing that is hard to comprehend is the size and reach of God. It’s easy to understand it as ‘head knowledge.’ I understand that He is bigger and stronger than anything else, but sometimes, amid more difficult things, it is hard to fully believe that. When something in my life happens that, at the time, seems like the end of the world, I do have a difficult time feeling like God will be […]


  I took the Myers-Briggs test some time last year and hadn’t looked much into what it meant after I got my result, but this past week, we did some team-building and other activities at work with all my coworkers to get a better idea how to work with each other and to solidify our company’s ideas and culture. I was interested to see if I would get the same result as last time, because […]

Reddit Comments

  A couple months back, I talked about the difficulties I experienced growing up in the church while also trying to figure out my homosexual feelings. I talked about my disappointment in how the church handled these situations. For me, I felt like I couldn’t tell anybody about the struggles I was dealing with because homosexuality was always made out to be the ‘other’ sin, the one that is not talked about because for some […]

Free Indeed

  “Man of Sorrows” by Hillsong has been one of my favorite worship songs ever since I first heard it a few months back. My church did a sermon series leading up to Easter this year, and they used the song “O Praise the Name” by Hillsong as the song that way played each week during the series. But the week before Easter, they decided to use a different song for one week, and that […]

The Painful Silence

  Something I have mentioned before in other posts, but never gone in to too much detail, is the silence that many people in the church have towards ‘scary’ subjects like homosexuality, pornography, prejudice, and mental health, especially among church programming directed towards kids and teenagers. It is something I think we as a church need to work on, especially because the silence on the subject did quite a bit of harm to me as […]


  June 12, 2016. I woke up, went to church, listened to the sermon, and headed home. The pastor mentioned a little bit about something that happened in Orlando, Florida. He didn’t go into too much detail, but I had grown accustomed to hearing about shootings or other incidents happening every few months, so I just assumed it was something like that where a few people probably got hurt and maybe someone got killed. And […]


  I’m tired I’m worn My heart is heavy From the work it takes To keep on breathing I’ve made mistakes I’ve let my hope fail My soul feels crushed By the weight of this world   Life has ups and downs, and it has times that are harder and times that are easier. Unfortunately, it is tough to see out of the harder times when we are in them. When we feel like everything […]